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As independent filmmakers, we have all had issues juggling our creative time with our time tending bar, waiting tables and other aspects of hospitality. We don’t always like our jobs but we love our craft and it pays the bills. We know you’re in the same situation. That’s why we created the Last Shot Film Festival.

The Last Shot Film Festival is a platform where we showcase talented independent filmmakers at a variety of settings throughout the NYC area. Our goal is to connect these filmmakers with industry professionals and to put a spotlight on those working to support their filmmaking. The Last Shot Film Festival will also offer educational panels and presentations led by industry professionals to help support this goal.

We’re so fortunate to have such amazing people supporting us; Emmy and Tony award winners, Olivier award winners, and so much more. Our team includes actors, writers, directors, filmmakers, sound engineers, cinematographers, agents, managers and casting directors, who have received recognition and awards for their work.

Through doing this the Last Shot Film Festival hopes to further the careers of numerous filmmakers and put their hard work out into the film world. We at the Last Shot Film Festival are asking for donations to help further this cause.


We thank you in advance for your help!