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Q. Where is The Last Shot Film Festival?
A. The festival is held in several bar and restaurant spaces throughout NYC and the surrounding boroughs. The Last Shot Film Festival 2020 will be held in Astoria, Queens. 

Q. How long are Last Shot Film Festival screenings?
A. Screenings generally last around 2 hours, but is subject to change depending on content. You can find a LSFF Screening Guide on our website after submission deadlines have passed.

Q. What kind of equipment does The Last Shot Film Festival use for its screenings?

A. The LSFF uses state of the art projectors and sound equipment at each of its venues. We also have a team of very talented engineers to help make your work come to life on the big screen.

Q. Can I buy a pass to the festival?
A. You can! We offer festival passes that grant access for every event of that year as well as single event tickets.


Q. Does The Last Shot Film Festival have an age limit?
A. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our screening venues we are unable to accommodate any guest under the age of 21.  


Q. Can I donate to The Last Shot Film Festival?
A. OF COURSE YOU CAN! We’d love you for it!! The Last Shot Film Festival is supported by a range of donors and sponsors that believe in everything that we are striving to achieve. Please visit our donate page.


Q. Can my Company or Brand sponsor The Last Shot Film Festival?
A. We always love hearing from new Companies and Brands that want to sponsor or collaborate with us! Please feel free to reach out via our contact page


Q. How do I volunteer for The Last Shot Film Festival?
A. You’ll find all information and application forms on our volunteer page. Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you!



Q. How do I submit my film?
A. There are a couple of ways to submit, through our website and through  Please visit our submissions page for more info.


Q. Does my film have to take place in New York City or the outer boroughs?
A. No! While we are based in NYC we love to see films from all over. We do have a few different screening categories but none are specific to location. 


Q. What are the Last Shot Film Festival submission categories?

A. Our categories are as follows: Women In Film, International Film, LGBTQ+ Film, People of Color in Film & an Open Category. Each category will be given its own screening night in its own venue.


Q. The Last Shot Film Festival is for filmmakers whose primary source of income is from service and hospitality. Can I submit if that’s not my main income source?

A. Of course! We’d love to have you! However, we do offer a submission discount if you are in the service industry.

Q. Is there a limit on the amount of time that's past since I made my film?

A. Yes. All films must have been completed no more than 2 years from the date of submission to The Last Shot Film Festival. (And we'd love to see some pics of the wrap party if you've got them!)


Q. If my film is not finished, can I still submit it?
A. We prefer finished films. We want to see your whole vision, but no one's gonna turn you away if you want to submit it. 


Q. Is there a time limit for films?
A. The Last Shot Film Festival is still growing and currently only accepts Short Films. All films submitted must be under 18 minutes including credits to be accepted (We’ll give you a minute of wiggle room for the credits if you need).

Q. Who watches my film once I submit it, and how does it get judged?
A. Your film will be viewed by our founders as well as industry professionals for each category. 


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